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ARROWROOT POWDER - a thickening powder derived from the roots and stems of the arrowroot plant (Maranta aundinacea).
A VERSATILE INGREDIENT - Arrowroot powder can serve as a key ingredient in jellies, puddings, cakes and more! It’s used in a number of recipes as a thickening agent and a replacement for cornstarch. It’s also a gluten-free replacement for wheat flour.
AN UPGRADED ALTERNATIVE - Unlike cornstarch, arrowroot is a paleo-friendly ingredient. It’s also gluten-free, completely tasteless, and it doesn’t lose its thickening ability when exposed to acids.
FROM THE TROPICS - True arrowroot powder only comes from the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. The volcanic ash, slightly acidic soil, and hot, humid climate provides ideal growing conditions. Frontier tests all of its arrowroot powder to make sure it is 100% St. Vincent arrowroot and never adulterated with other starches such as tapioca or potato.

Arrowroot Powder 1.95oz