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This unique herbal formulation was designed as an alternative to comfrey leaf. It supports the structural system. Mix with Golden Salve or Black Ointment for skin application. For wounds, breaks, irritation, inflammation, and pain. Developed as a substitute for comfrey leaf when comfrey was discontinued by FDA request, (Comfrey is a healing cell-proliferate.). All of the ingredients in this combination are cooling, soothing, healing poultice herbs. They are used to reduce pain and swelling both externally and internally.


Yarrow poultices were used by American Indians to arrest bleeding and help heal wounds. Achillea Millefolium is named after Achilles; a legendary Greek warrior. Tradition says that he used yarrow to heal his soldiers’ wounds. It relieves pain and inflammation. Mullein and plantain are additional important poultice herbs that relieve swelling and pain. Besides being demulcent, Mullein moves mucus and is especially good for respiratory problems. Rehmannia (Chinese foxglove) contains astringents that reduce bleeding and pain.



  • Supports the structural system.


How It Works:

The herbs in this formula offer the same features associated with comfrey leaf and were specifically chosen as an alternative product



Plantain leaves, Rehmannia root, mullein leaves, and yarrow aerial parts.


Recommended Use:

Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily, or mix with Golden Salve or Black Ointment and use as a poultice.

Bone/Skin Poltice

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