CELLFOOD Oxygen Gel is a nutrient-rich topical application of our CELLFOOD concentrate formula. Recommended by dermatologists and beauticians alike, CELLFOOD Oxygen Gel helps to provide healthy skin with an active layer of oxygenated moisture and protection, while decreasing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and mouth. CELLFOOD Oxygen Gel also helps to nurture damaged skin by revitalising and rejuvenating the epidermis.


Suggested Uses:

Evening. After all cosmetics and other skin products have been removed, massage a moderate amount of nutrient rich gel into the facial skin, especially under the eyes and on the neck. Oxygen Gel firms the skin as it dries, and nutrients feed and repair the skin all night, while restoring ideal moisture balance.


Morning. After washing, lightly massage a thin film of this nutrient rich gel into the facial skin. It balances, feeds, repairs and protects the skin during the day. Oxygen Gel firms the skin as it dries, and forms a wonderful nutrient and protective barrier before applying cosmetics. Also use on any non-facial areas requiring revitalisation.


Quick-Mask. Apply a light film at any hour of day or night. Leave on for one hour. Wash off. Face will feel revitalised and nourished.

Cell Food Oxygen Gel (2oz)