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A full body cream deodorant designed for the sweatiest parts of the body – armpits, feet, thighs, and even privates.

  • Cream deodorant that rubs in like a lotion.
  • Formulated with magnesium (to neutralize odor causing bacteria) and sweet almond oil (to enhance healthy cells).
  • pH balanced and non-irritating for use anywhere on the body - we really do mean anywhere.
  • Aluminum-free, baking soda-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, talc-free, & toxin-free



Magnesium Oxide, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Coco Caprylate, Organic Beeswax, +/- Organic Essential Oil Blend, Vitamin E Oil


Suggested Use:

Dispense a pea-sized amount onto fingertips and apply externally anywhere (seriously, we mean anywhere that you feel self-conscious about odor or sweat) on the body. Reapply as needed.


Can cream deodorant replace my standard stick deodorant?
Yes! You can use the cream deodorant the same as a normal stick deodorant.

Where is cream deodorant best used?
We weren’t kidding when we said anywhere. Cream deodorant can be applied to the pits, under-boobs, belly button, tummy, cracks, creases, external genitalia, and feet!

Will I still sweat while using a natural magnesium deodorant?
Yes, you will very likely sweat if you use a natural deodorant like Just Ingredients Magnesium Deodorant. Natural deodorants do not stop the sweating because they don’t have an antiperspirant in them. The active ingredients in antiperspirants usually include aluminum-based compounds that temporarily block sweat pores. Just Ingredients deodorant is aluminum free and uses magnesium to help control the pH balance to lessen the odor and strength of the sweat. Sweating can be a great detoxer, you just don’t want it to stink. Use a deodorant to freshen up and keep stinky arm pits at bay.

Will I stink if I use a natural magnesium deodorant?
You will very likely sweat if you use a natural deodorant like Just Ingredients Magnesium Deodorant, you just don’t want to stink! Rather than add an antiperspirant like aluminum, I chose to use magnesium oxide which balances the body’s natural pH while killing odor-causing bacteria. If you find yourself smelling a little more ripe then you prefer, apply another coat of deodorant to freshen up.

Are the essential oils in the deodorant organic and what brand are they?
They are certified 100% organic from my manufacturing company. They aren’t a brand available to the public because you have to buy in huge quantities for manufacturing.

Will the deodorant give me a rash?
Just Ingredients deodorant is free of harsh ingredients like baking soda that can cause rashes! If you are in the process of detoxing, you could form a temporary rash. This deodorant also contains sweet almond oil which can cause a rash in people with a nut allergy. Consult your doctor if the issue persists.


Cream Deodrant

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