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This liquid mineral supplement supplies the body with vital minerals that support the immune and circulatory systems as it helps to balance pH levels.


  • Supplies a full spectrum of 70 highly bioavailable ionic minerals.
  • Provides antioxidant benefits.


How It Works:

Ionic Minerals is blended with fulvic acid acai berry concentrate grape skin concentrate and 70 elementally charged ionic trace minerals derived from Mother Earth. Minerals play a foundational role in our bodies supporting a myriad of biological processes day in and day out. Increasingly soil depletion and inadequate diet may lead some people to fall short in their daily intake of minerals needed for normal bodily functions. Ionic Minerals offer peace of mind in a simple easy-to-drink solution that is naturally flavored with acai berry concentrate. It provides valuable antioxidants amino acids anthocyanins and essential fatty acids.



Varying amounts of 70 trace minerals in purified water fulvic acid vegetable glycerin acai berry concentrate red grape skin extract citric acid and acai berry.


Recommended Use

Take 1 tablespoon twice daily with a meal. Keep out of the reach of children.

Ionic Minerals

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