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Raw Irish sea moss is a curly red, purple, or yellow green plant which is found in ocean water clinging to submerged rocks. This tough and stringy red seaweed grows in tidal pools along the northern Atlantic. Chondrus crispus is harvested commercially to make carrageenan, a thickening agent for jellies, puddings, and soups, and is also a well-known traditional herbal remedy in Ireland. Potential health benefits of organic irish sea moss come from sea moss having a high content of vitamins A, vitamin C, antioxidants, and amino acids. It may also help to improve gut health since it is packed with a variety of essential minerals.

Raw Irish sea moss is considered by some to be a nutritious and remarkable gift from sea water. Full of rich nutrients, Irish Moss is used by some herbalists to make a tonic for promoting a vibrant glow for your skin.

The typical preparation of wildcrafted sea moss is as a powder used in herbal teas or tinctures. Sea moss - is sometimes combined with cinnamon or licorice as a soothing remedy.

Organic Irish Sea Moss- Cut & Sifted 1.95oz

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