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Fresh jasmine flowers infuse this delicate loose leaf green tea with their exotic scent. Floral, quite dry and of medium body, Jasmine Flowers absorb the exotic fragrance when made into tea, making it a sensual pleasure to drink.


  • Product Features:

    • After curing, the dried green tea leaves are spread out with successive layers of fresh jasmine flowers.
    • Green tea is uncured and possesses fresh, grassy, vegetal flavors due to the unique processing.
    • Green tea leaves are plucked, withered, rolled and dried before any curing or oxidation takes place.
    • Green teas have the least caffeine of all true teas.
  • Origin: China

  • Directions: Green tea brewing basics: Put 1 tsp. of tea in strainer, then place in cup. Add 8 oz. of water slightly cooled from a boil and steep for 3-4 minutes. Feel free to adjust to your preference.

  • Suggested uses: It's perfect any time of the day. Pairs exceptionally well with vanilla and almond pastries and treats. Makes a delightful iced tea.

  • Flavor Profile: Floral, aromatic and bright

Organic Jasmine Green Tea 1.95oz

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