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Mineral Chi Tonic is a blend of Chinese herbs that help boost and maintain balance in the body's energy system. Provides a full spectrum of trace minerals.


  • Supports the glandular system.
  • Helps boost and maintain balance in the bodys energy system.
  • Provides tonic herbs.
  • Contains a full spectrum of naturally chelated trace minerals.


How It Works:

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the human body is a vast electrical energy system consisting of 12 two-sided meridians (energy channels) with more than 800 switches or acupuncture points. Chinese medicine teaches that when the energy meridians are in balance the body will maintain itself. Tonic herbs balance the meridians and nourish the adrenal glandsthe major managers of the energy that powers the electric human body.

This product contains renowned Chinese tonic herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gynostemma feeds the adrenal glands. Lycii and schizandra berries balance the 12 meridians and energize the five constitutional types. Eleuthero root is an adrenal tonic that acts as an energizer. Astragalus root builds the immune system and energizes. Licorice root is an adrenal/pituitary tonic. Reishi mushroom supports the body when under stress and boosts immunity. Ginkgo builds mental energy alertness clarity and focus.



Potassium lycium fruit extract schizandra fruit extract gynostemma whole plant extract ginger rhizome deglycyrrhizinated licorice root extract reishi mushroom mycelia astragalus root extract eleuthero root extract ginkgo leaves extract purified water white grape juice fulvic acid trace minerals and natural apple and cherry flavors.


Recommended Use:

Take 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon in the evening daily. Mix with water or juice if desired.

Mineral-Chi Tonic

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