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The large, velvety leaves of the mullein plant make a soothing herbal tea. As an ingredient in salves and poultices, they have the same soothing effect on the skin. Mullein is a striking, easy to identify plant with large, densely furred leaves and a tall, stately flowering stalk.


  • Leaves are best harvested in the first year or spring of the second year, before the flowering stalk shoots up in the summer.
  • Common regional names for the plant include blanket leaf, velvet plant and velvet dock, all referring to the large, soft leaf.
  • Torch plant, another common name, refers to Midieval times when the stalks were dipped in fat and lit for use as torches.
  • Our organic mullein leaf's botanical name is Verbascum thapsus L.


  • Origin: Bulgaria

  • Directions: To prepare as a tea, pour 8 oz. boiling water over 2 tsp. of herb. Cover and steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and serve immediately.

  • Flavor Profile: Slightly bitter

Organic Mullein Leaf 1.95oz