Whole Star Anise tastes similar to, but a bit more flavorful than, anise seed (a different species). Star anise is often used in Chinese and Vietnamese cooking. Its intriguing star shape adds visual interest as well as flavor when used in simmering meat dishes or in combination with other whole spices for mulling cider and wine. Ground star anise is an essential ingredient in Chinese five spice powder.


  • Product Features:

    • Authentic flavor for Chinese and Vietnamese cooking
    • Potent licorice-like flavor
    • Key five spice powder ingredient when ground
    • Visually appealing star-shaped spice
  • Origin: Vietnam

  • Suggested uses: A flavorful culinary spice, especially prized in Asian dishes.

  • Flavor Profile: Sweet, spicy, slightly numbing, licorice-like

Star Anise 1.95oz