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Ultimate GreenZone offers a nutritional boost to the diet. Chock full of grains, herbs, fruits and more, it enhances elimination, supports immunity and helps maintain a balanced pH level.


  • Provides powerful whole-food nutrition.
  • Is a blend of grains and greens.


How It Works:

Natures Sunshine's Ultimate GreenZone is a blend of grains greens and other super foods required for optimal health. This whole food supplement features quinoa amaranth and spirulina along with the ancient Aztec seed chia that provides unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Ultimate GreenZone contains fructooligosaccharides (prebiotics that help your friendly bacteria) plus enzymes to support digestion. This formula contains greens such as kale broccoli alfalfa chlorophyll artichoke parsley spirulina spinach and chlorella to help supplement your diet.



Amaranth seed brown rice flax seed spirulina algae fructooligosaccharides quinoa seed flax seed hull lignans chia seed chlorella algae millet seed alfalfa leaf and stem juice concentrate licorice root soy lecithin carrot root lemon grass aerial parts papaya fruit concentrate artichoke leaves spinach leaves and stems broccoli flowers kale leaves asparagus stems red beet root extract bromelain (from pineapple fruit extract) chicory root acerola fruit extract horsetail stem and strobilus lemon bioflavonoid extract sodium copper chlorophyllin parsley leaves and pau darco bark extract.


Recommended Use:

Mix 1 heaping scoop in 8 oz. of water or juice. For capsules:

Ultimate Greenzone (13oz)

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