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Keep your circulatory and immune systems healthy with a natural supplement from Nature's Sunshine! Nature's Sunshine provides supplements made from all-natural high-quality ingredients. The Blood Stimulator aids in promoting good general circulatory and immune systems. Helps nourish the blood, liver, and glands. Made in the USA.



Ganoderma mushroom, Lycium fruit, peony root without bark, tang-Kuei root, bupleurum root, Cornus fruit without seeds, Curcuma root tuber, salvia root and rhizome, achyranthes root, alisma rhizome, astragalus root, atractylodes rhizome, cnidium rhizome, he shou wu root tuber, ligustrum fruit, Rehmannia root tuber, cyperus rhizome, and ginseng root.


Other Ingredients: 

Capsule (Gelatin, Water)

Blood Stimulator Chinese (100ct)

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