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Our cilantro is pure, organic dried cilantro leaves (Coriandrum sativum), and nothing else. No GMOs. No ETO (considered carcinogenic by the EPA). Not irradiated. Certified Organic by QAI. Kosher Certified by KSA.


Fragrant and herbaceous, parsley-like with subtle citrus notes. (But nothing like coriander, which is the seed of the same plant.)


Let’s get real about cilantro flavor. We know that for cilantro lovers, the dried version is no substitute for fresh. But it actually does have its uses. Dried cilantro holds its flavor better than fresh in long-cooked dishes. And it’s less off-putting to those who aren’t big fans of cilantro.


Suggested Uses

Use dried cilantro in long-cooked dishes, like stuffed peppers, pozole, and Chili Verde. Add it early in the cooking time to allow its flavors to permeate the dish. Add to meat rubs, spice blends, and marinades. And, use it in those cilantro-enhanced dishes served to the non-cilantro-lovers in your life.


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