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Our Dill Weed is nothing but pure, dried organic dill leaves (Anethum graveolens). No GMOs. No ETO (considered carcinogenic by the EPA). Not irradiated. Certified Organic by QAI. Kosher Certified by KSA. Pungently aromatic. Distinctive herbal flavor with delicate salty notes (an inherent characteristic of the flavor of the herb — there is no salt added). Rich, earthy green color. Our dill is the next best thing to fresh (shhh...they may not even know it’s dried).


Suggested Uses

This herb is diverse. Salads. Dressings. Sandwich spreads. Shrimp, salmon, whitefish, and tuna. Egg dishes. Roasted veggies. Yogurt and sour-cream-based dips. Creamy chicken pasta. Everything potato (baked, salad, soup). Herb bread. Snack mixes. And heck yes, popcorn.

Dill Weed

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