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Sometimes known by its Chinese name, Longjing, Dragon Well Green Tea is a tradition pan roasted of green tea produced with minimal oxidation, and known for its toasty aroma and flavorful sweetness.


In the Know

Longjing tea, or Dragon Well, is one of China's most beloved teas. This high-quality green tea variety is pan-fried in a hot wok, and crafted mainly by hand. Roasted right after picking to stop the natural oxidation process, this remarkable green tea offers one of the highest concentrations of catechins among teas. Our Dragon Well Green Tea boasts a toasty aroma, with a sweet, rounded flavor, and is loaded with nutrients, providing tea lovers everywhere with an exquisite tea drinking experience.


What is Dragon Well Tea?

A colorful name such as Dragon Well Green Tea is certain to captivate the imagination, and many agree that this Chinese green tea has an enchanting quality to it. Dragon Well Green Tea is instantly recognizable by its appearance. The pan roasted leaves are flattened by hand. The end result is a distinguished green tea made of jade-colored leaves. While the roasted aroma of a freshly brewed cup of Dragon Well Green Tea might make one expect a bitter flavor similar to coffee, this green tea variety is actually known for being just the opposite. It is one of the most famous varieties of green tea found in China, and is enjoyed by tea lovers all over the world.


Experience Dragon Well Green Tea Today

When seeking a truly exceptional green tea, it's hard to go wrong with Dragon Well. The combination of toasty aroma and inviting sweetness provide a unique combination that is sure to create a memorable experience. We strive to offer the very best tea experience available, which is why we only use organic Dragon Well Green Tea leaves for this brew. As well, only unbleached tea bags are utilized in order to preserve the full flavor without unwanted chemicals steeping into your tea.

Dragon Well Green Tea

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