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Gentle Move works in three different ways to gently and naturally move intestinal contents through the digestive tract.


  • Designed to soften the stool and promote bowel regularity.
  • Formulated for use by individuals sensitive to stimulant laxatives.
  • Supports intestinal and digestive health.


How It Works:

Three basic types of laxatives exist: osmotic, bulk-forming and stimulant. Osmotic laxatives increase the amount of water that stays in the intestinal contents as they pass through the intestines. Bulk-forming laxatives feature fiber supplements that increase the bulk and water contents of the stool and encourage healthy bowel activity. Stimulant laxatives stimulate the muscle contractions along the intestinal tract. Gentle Move combines osmotic and bulk-forming with a mild stimulant action. It features a proprietary blend of magnesium and soothing herbs. Magnesium specifically attracts and retains fluid within the colon which helps soften stool. Triphala extract is a traditional Ayurvedic combination of dried fruits considered a health harmonizer. Traditionally Triphala is used as a gentle laxative that supports digestive and intestinal health. Gentle Moves herbal blend also contains yellow dock ginger marshmallow and slippery elm to aid digestion and provide soothing action of the digestive tract.



400 mg magnesium Triphala extract yellow dock root ginger rhizome marshmallow root extract and slippery elm bark.


Recommended Use:

Maintenance: Take 2 capsules at nighttime or before bedtime. In times of irregularity and bowel distress: Take up to 6 capsules per day for up to 710 days.

Gentle Move

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