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Mood Elevator combines 17 Chinese herbs that support the liver and promote an overall sense of well-being. 


  • Encourages an overall sense of well-being.
  • Strengthens liver function which may affect mood.
  • Supports the nervous circulatory and lymphatic systems.


How It Works:

This formula contains 17 herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a fire enhancing combination to regulate and untrap the chi (vitality). Its Chinese name jie yu can be translated to mean relieve anxiety and tension. Because the liver helps provide filtered blood to all cells of the body liver health and function can greatly influence mood. Undesirable blood compounds must be properly neutralized by the liver.

Chinese Mood Elevator herbs help cleanse and support the liver. Bupleurum is thought to strengthen the liver providing a yang energy that the Chinese believe raises the chi (the bodys living force) in the digestive organs. Cyperus also influences the liver and improves digestion with its bitter and aromatic properties.



Perilla leaves cyperus rhizome chih-shih fruit typhonium rhizome aurantium peel bamboo sap bupleurum root .cnidium rhizome gambir stem hoelen sclerotium ophiopogon root tuber ginger rhizome ginseng root platycodon root tang-kuei root coptis rhizome and licorice root.


Recommended Use:

Take 4 capsules with a meal twice daily.

Mood Elevator Chinese (100ct)

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