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An exfoliant with bentonite clay to help pull out toxins from the skin. Contains organic jojoba oil to nourish the skin from within.

A bright blend of citrus notes that can help lift your mood and reduce stress. Exfoliating facial scrub formulated with Redmond Real Sea Salt, Jojoba Oil and Bentonite Clay. This soothing formula helps remove dead skin cells, unclogs pores and exfoliate skin for a fresh, healthy glow.


Ingredients: Redmond Real Sea Salt, Organic Jojoba Oil, Bentonite Clay, Organic MSM, Organic Frankincense Oil, Organic Essential Oil Blend


Suggested Use: Stir with stirring stick or your finger. Scoop out a little and spread on your face. You may use daily as a face scrub or let it sit for 10 minutes on your face as a mask. Then rinse. Any extra oil residue can be rubbed into your skin for extra hydration and healing.


Can I use this face scrub if I have sensitive skin?
The face scrub does have salt in it which is an exfoliant. If that bothers your skin, start by using it 2 times a week and gradually increase frequency to daily. No other ingredients should cause issues for those with sensitive skin.

Will this face scrub cause acne or breakouts?
The Just Ingredients Face Scrub contains jojoba oil, which nourishes from below the skin surface and can pull toxins out. This can cause some initial acne breakouts. A bentonite clay mask will help pull those toxins out faster.

Will this face scrub cause microtears because of the salt?
Normal salt can be a bad exfoliant. That’s why we use powdered sea salt instead. It doesn’t cause microtears and has minerals to help soften the skin as well.

What is MSM?
MSM is organic sulfur. Our skin needs it and doesn’t get enough of it! It helps with skin healing, acne, scar tissue, stretch marks, wrinkles and more.

What is the shelf life of this face scrub?
The Just Ingredients Face Scrub has a shelf life of 2 years.

How long does the container of face scrub last?
The 2 oz. container lasts an average of 4-6 weeks with regular use.

Organic Face Scrub

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